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Gain Visibility Into the Cost, Quality, and Effectiveness of Your Provider Network

Maintaining a strong provider network is key to providing the very best plans to the members you serve. Our provider partnership Solutions help you:

  • Combine health information with robust analytics to help create new payer-provider partnerships
  • Partner with your providers
  • Measure impact of pilots and new arrangements
  • Maximize your investment in business analytics
Our Solutions

Data Management Solutions
An array of data management and software services for public and private clients, including data quality analysis, data transformation services, new linkages across data systems, and design of custom software for data validation, analytic computing, disease management, and Internet dissemination.

Advantage Suite for Health Plan
Integrates information from diverse sources and systems, organizes it to support decision making, and enables easy access to information in a flexible, customized application.

Treatment Cost Calculator
Provides price transparency by helping providers clarify expected treatment costs and supporting members in planning for the financial aspects of their healthcare.

Medical Episode Grouper
Analyze patient treatments, evaluate quality of care, and manage associated costs. Plans can incorporate Medical Episode Grouper (MEG) into their existing information system, or it can serve as an integrated component of Advantage Suite®.

Physician Performance Assessment
Improve the cost efficiency and clinical effectiveness of physicians in easy-to-read report formats. This solution draws on the capabilities and power of Advantage Suite and the clinically robust Medical Episode Grouper (MEG).

Patient Liability Calculator
Research shows that patients who understand their bill are more likely to pay. This easy-to-use web-based tool provides real-time estimates of out-of-pocket treatment costs so your provider partners can spend more time providing great care and less time chasing bad debt.

Patient Profiling
Patient Profiling integrates fragmented data into smart health records, enabling nurse case managers and medical analytic and services staff to focus on improving member health. This solution draws on the capabilities and power of Advantage Suite®.