MarketScan - Health Plan

MarketScan, from Truven Health Analytics, is the gold standard in proprietary U.S. research databases. MarketScan provides a sophisticated dataset with robust, high-quality data that is strong longitudinally, detailed at the patient level, and reflects the true continuum of care.

To help Health Plans differentiate themselves to win and retain business, MarketScan data offers comparative data to evaluate and benchmark financial and clinical performance. This critical information can serve as the foundation of a solid business strategy.

We understand the complexity of using real-world data to analyze patterns and cost, and we designed the MarketScan comprehensive relational databases to make it easy. The information provided by the MarketScan Research Databases can be utilized by multiple departments to make more informed decisions, including:

  • Network Development/Provider Contracting
  • Medical Informatics/Economics
  • Data Management
  • Group Account Management
  • Care Management
MarketScan enables accurate comparative analysis with:
  • Data tracking of patients over a number of years and across multiple health plans
  • Diverse data sources including employers, health plans, and state government agencies and federal government programs
  • In-depth, patient-level detail linked by unique identifiers for consistency across services
  • Fully integrated treatment and plan design reflecting the complexity of healthcare delivery

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