Advantage Suite

Advantage Suite® integrates information from diverse sources and systems, organizes it to support decision making, and enables easy access to information in a flexible, customized application. Its powerful applications are linked to an integrated warehouse of medical and prescription claims, encounters, eligibility, lab results, authorizations, health risks assessments, and performance measures.

Web-enabled Advantage Suite packages and organizes critical healthcare quality and cost information into views that support mission-critical decision-making. The product provides a comprehensive measures catalog, and produces flexible and fast reports to maximize productivity and facilitate rapid information distribution.

Advantage Suite enables health plans to answer these questions:
  • How can we accurately and fairly measure the efficiency and effectiveness of care?
  • How does our performance compare to industry norms and our competitors?
  • How can we accurately and fairly compare the performance of providers in our network and drive behavior change?
  • How can we anticipate financial risk and design financially optimal benefit plans?
  • How can we design the most effective and efficient disease management programs?
  • How can we improve the effectiveness of provider rate negotiation, profit/loss analysis by line of business, and product line costing?
  • How can we better respond to the reporting needs of employers, members, providers, and regulatory agencies?
  • How can we reduce administrative costs through improved processes and productivity?
  • A series of customizable reporting templates: Enables powerful analytic reporting on trends, treatment patterns, and comparisons to benchmarks
  • An integrated ad hoc report-generation tool: Enables users to easily select the data of interest and create custom reports to monitor and evaluate programs
  • MarketScan® best-in-class independent benchmarks: Offers efficiency and effectiveness based on claims data from millions of lives and hundreds of data sources; ensures fair comparisons through use of benchmarks that are adjusted to reflect the characteristics of the population being examined
  • Truven Health measures catalog: Standardizes some 2,000 measurements and eliminates the need to maintain coding schemes; also provides users with the ability to customize the measurements of most interest for any specific analyses
  • Medical Episode Grouper: Provides clinically relevant groupings with a risk-adjusted, disease-based methodology

Advantage Suite 5.0 supports Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle Linux 5.5 and Oracle Exadata Database Machine.