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Veterans and Military Healthcare

Drive High Performance Across Your Healthcare System

With our comprehensive suite of solutions, we provide the foundation to help you improve patient outcomes and safety, increase productivity, enhance disease and condition management, and drive consistent, high-performance clinical practice across your healthcare system.

Clinical Decision Support

Our solutions provide information to clinicians that can improve patient safety and care by reducing medical errors and by integrating evidence-based medicine and best practices.

Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

We help Military Health Systems improve resource allocation by comparing their clinical quality and financial performance to like facilities, identify key performance indicators, develop quality and budget targets, establish baseline target and metrics, and benchmark them to a peer group.

Our Solutions:

Advantage Suite
Advantage Suite® integrates information from diverse sources and systems, organizes it to support decision making, and enables easy access to information in a flexible, customized application.

Micromedex Clinical Knowledge Suite
A single solution for powerful clinical decision support, Micromedex Clinical Knowledge Suite offers comprehensive evidence-based resources at the point of care for medication management, including complete drug dosing, IV compatibility and pediatric information, as well as, toxicology, and disease and condition management. From Drug, Pediatrics and Disease, to Toxicology and Patient Education.

Micromedex 360 Care Insights Suite
A single solution that works with your hospital information system to act as a clinical intelligence dashboard to aid hospital pharmacists, nurses, and infection preventionists in eliminating HAIs and ADEs, monitoring anticoagulant therapy, and improving antimicrobial stewardship.