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DataProbe for Program Integrity

Healthcare data, and their relationships with one another, are complex. For detection and investigation of healthcare fraud, waste and abuse vulnerabilities, having robust data mining capabilities that address the challenges of performance, flexibility and adaptability are key to efficient and productive analysis.

enables analysts, auditors, nurses, researchers and other knowledge workers to rapidly perform complex, multi-step, iterative investigation on data.

With DataProbe, non-programmers can quickly create and analyze large databases, and easily identify populations of interest. It is designed for knowledge workers who need to perform exploration and analysis of data patterns without having to rely on a programmer or on someone with special expertise to get the job done.  Users can efficiently integrate and access large volumes data such as; claims detail, eligibility, administrative, discharge abstract, vital statistics, survey, workers’ compensation, absence, short-term disability, welfare, external benchmark, census, birth records, and UCR.


DataProbe is an all-inclusive system, with low total cost of ownership, which incorporates a columnar database with application components optimized for large-scale ad-hoc analysis.  It enables healthcare analysts and researchers, independent of any assistance from others, to:

  • Load data quickly, easily, and incrementally
  • Have direct, web-based access to all of the underlying detail data
  • Create custom fields and perform extensive data selection, complex transformations, aggregation, cross-tabulation, and rate-based analysis“on-the fly” without programming
  • Perform “on-the-fly” linkage between multiple data types, such as medical claims, long and short term disability claims, worker’s compensation claims, drug data, over time for cohort studies
  • Perform in-depth, multi-step, open-ended “train-of-thought” exploration of data patterns
  • Experience much greater processing speed when working with multi-gigabyte data sets (tens to hundreds of millions, or even billions, of rows)
  • Be protected from “runaway” queries
  • Seamlessly download results to Excel, or export to other programs
  • Create an audit trail of the investigative process

DataProbe | Data Investigator application component  image
Data Investigator application component with example download to Microsoft Excel