Your Healthcare Focus

Improve Health and Productivity

Research has shown that for every one dollar employers spend on healthcare costs, they absorb more than two in health-related productivity costs. For U.S. employers to thrive in an increasingly competitive global market, maintaining a healthy workforce is essential.

By managing employee health with the same level of focus that is typically applied to the management of financial capital, employers can increase wellness, profitability, and organizational effectiveness. Truven Health Analytics offers a suite of health and productivity management solutions and services that enable you to direct corporate investment into intervention strategies that have the biggest impact by answering key questions such as:

  • What are the greatest opportunities to immediately reduce the direct and indirect costs of absence?
  • What risks are shared between health, lifestyle, FML, short-term disability, and workers’ compensation?
  • What opportunities exist for tighter integration of internal and external resources to improve performance?
  • How can wellness initiatives be focused to support workforce and profitability — now and in the future?
Our Solutions

Advantage Suite
Web-enabled Advantage Suite packages and organizes critical healthcare quality and cost information into views that guide effective decision-making. Our solution provides a comprehensive measures catalog, and produces flexible and fast reports to maximize productivity and facilitate rapid information distribution.

ROI Model
Demonstrate the ROI and cost savings from health promotion and wellness programs.