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Marketscan Research Databases

The Truven Health Analytics MarketScan® Research Databases contain real-world data for healthcare research and analytics. They provide access to fully integrated, de-identified, individual-level healthcare claims data that can be used to examine health economics and treatment outcomes. They are the gold standard in proprietary U.S. healthcare databases.


Several characteristics set MarketScan databases apart from other research databases. The core databases—Commercial, Medicare Supplemental, and Medicaid—are huge, representing over 170 million patients since 1995. Longitudinal integrity is strong. Complete payment information is captured, including payments from both the benefit plan and patient. Specialty pharmacy and mail-order prescription fills are included. Specialty databases link claims to unique data sets such as productivity management; health risk assessment; dental, laboratory, and medical records; and hospital data at the de-identified patient level. A separate hospital database allows for in-hospital research. The MarketScan white paper provides additional detail on individual MarketScan databases.


Research based on MarketScan data has been published in more than 200 peer-reviewed articles in the past 5 years.  We are helping researchers work faster and smarter by integrating and pre-summarizing data where possible and by offering online interfaces to improve access to the important insights that can be extracted from MarketScan data. Click here for more information on the MarketScan online tools.

  • Fully integrated patient-level data (inpatient, outpatient, drug, laboratory, health and productivity management, health risk assessment, dental, and benefit design) from commercial insurance, Medicare supplemental claims, and Medicaid claims to reflect real-world treatment patterns and costs
  • Fully integrated health and productivity data to assess indirect costs and burden of illness
  • Rigorous validation methods to ensure that claims and enrollment data are complete, accurate, and reliable
  • Fully HIPAA compliant data to meet federal regulations
  • Online tools to capture quick facts and jump-start studies