Off-label Information

Truven Health Analytics™ is recognized worldwide as a provider of unbiased information for drug, disease, and toxicology management. Micromedex Solutions content facilitates the practice of evidence-based medicine by helping clinicians identify best practices and choose the most appropriate treatment plan for a specific patient.

The proprietary, unbiased information contained in Micromedex Solutions is based on an ongoing editorial review of primary literature published in thousands of peer-reviewed journals, as well as FDA-approved product labeling. Inclusion of information is determined through identification of relevant literature and through the use of validated and documented literature evaluation techniques that assess methodological rigor, appropriateness of statistical analyses, and clinical relevance. Surveillance of the literature is extensive and continuous.


Off-label Indication Policy

Micromedex Solutions provide the Industry Standard for unbiased information for, and in support of, best practices in drug therapy. For more information, please review our Policy on Off-label Indications.

Requests for Inclusion of Off-label Information

Truven Health may at times consider external requests for inclusion of information in our Micromedex databases, in accordance with established policies. For more information, please read the Process for Requesting Inclusion of Off-label Information in Micromedex Databases document.