Disease Management Analytics

Managing the acute and chronic conditions producing excess risk for employers is a complex challenge. As employers grapple with the reality of rising costs, they are studying the viability of disease management programs. To adequately evaluate disease management’s effectiveness, employers need:

  • Information to determine employee health status and disease prevalence.
  • Methods to determine which diseases, employees, and health programs will yield cost savings, reduced risk, and improved quality.
  • Tools and criteria to evaluate return on investment of internal and outsourced programs based on projected cost savings and quality improvement expectations.
Design the Best Option

Our modeling tool allows you to confidently make benefit design decisions specific to the appropriateness of your employee base. The basis for the model is data from the proprietary MarketScan® Database, a market-leading benchmarking and research database. Using actual claims cost and use experience, industry group, enrollee age/gender, and geographic distribution, we tailor the modeling results to your specific healthcare experience.

With Disease Management Analytics You Can:
  • Identify employees best suited for disease management efforts, and highlights programs that will strengthen management of the targeted population
  • Surface costly and high-prevalence chronic conditions, evaluate employee utilization of healthcare services, and determine treatment compliance with evidence-based clinical guidelines
  • Anticipate disease progression, predict future costs associated with a disease, and calculate return on investment

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