Care Management

Care Management solutions from Truven Health Analytics address the continuum of care management needs – from data integration and population identification to consumer engagement and program evaluation. Insurers and health plans can work more efficiently and effectively with Truven Health.

  • Provide care management analytics that leverage your analytics methodologies and reporting across the organization
  • Enable your programs to be evaluated on both clinical and financial outcomes
  • Focus on involving all constituents in the care management process including care managers, consumers, and provider

Market Expert
In the consumer-driven healthcare market, you need current, reliable, and meaningful information about your members — knowledge that allows you to identify members who can benefit from health and wellness programs, to engage those members in creative and effective ways, and ultimately to drive behavior changes that result in healthier members and lower costs. To gain insight about your diverse member populations, you need to process complex data with limited time and resources. These challenges are clear — and so is the solution: Market Expert® for Health Plans from Truven Health.

Personalized Messaging
Proactively engages beneficiaries with persuasive reminders on preventive healthcare. These reminders are tailored to the specific age, gender, ethnicity, medical history, and behavioral profile of each beneficiary. Our solution includes targeted messaging campaigns for distinct segments of your population and then tracks response rates over time to drive refinement and learning.

Treatment Cost Calculator
Provides price transparency and supports beneficiaries planning for the financial aspects of their healthcare. This solution helps your beneficiaries understand their real out-of-pocket expenditures for future care and illustrates how these costs vary by provider. The Treatment Cost Calculator can be used by providers to ensure that beneficiaries understand and can plan for future costs - avoiding surprises, improving satisfaction, and freeing providers to focus on care.

Advantage Suite - Health Plans
Advantage Suite® integrates information from diverse sources and systems, organizes it to support decision making, and enables easy access to information in a flexible, customized application. Its powerful applications are linked to an integrated warehouse of medical and prescription claims, encounters, eligibility, lab results, authorizations, health risks assessments, and performance measures.

Patient Profiling
Patient Profiling from Truven Health integrates fragmented data into smart health records, enabling nurse case managers and medical analytic and services staff to focus on improving member health. This solution draws on the capabilities and power of Advantage Suite®.

Physician Performance Assessment
Truven Health Physician Performance Assessment delivers information for improving the cost efficiency and clinical effectiveness of physicians in easy-to-read report formats. This solution draws on the capabilities and power of Advantage Suite and the clinically robust Medical Episode Grouper (MEG).