Micromedex Solutions for Pharmaceutical Professionals

Designed for Your Workflow

Designed with input from information scientists, medical information specialists, drug safety & pharmacovigilance, medical encoding, regulatory affairs and marketing professionals, Micromedex® Pharmaceutical Knowledge allows Pharmaceutical professionals to conduct a consolidated, advanced search across multiple drug references, compare and customize drug results, and aggregate their data with other information resources:

  • Advanced searching by drug class, indication or a combination of both
  • Ability to narrow drug searches by including or excluding specific adverse effects and/or drug-drug interactions
  • Results delivered in a comparative side-by-side table format for easy review
  • Ability to export search results to Microsoft® Excel, to facilitate the aggregation of data with other information sources when writing reports
  • Begin a search with a brand or generic drug name; flexible searching allows further access to drug class information from the drug Dashboard
  • Browse drug classes alphabetically from the home page

Support and Engagement
Dedicated Training & Support for Pharmaceutical Professionals

We pride ourselves on our support solutions. To help you ensure effective and proficient use across your organization, our dedicated trainers provide industry-specific training globally. Whether its onsite, online, train-the-trainer instruction, or interactive guides at your users’ fingertips for when it’s convenient for them, our educational services cover every need. And as you would expect, 24/7 technical support guarantees reliable access at all times.

User Engagement and Awareness Programs
To help you achieve value, our tailored promotional support and user engagement programs will help you raise awareness and increase usage across your organization. We will work with you to roll out internal promotional programs leveraging multimedia tools. We’ll help you identify who your users are and make it easier to engage with them.