Micromedex Solutions For Pharmaceutical Professionals

Designed with pharmaceutical professionals in mind, Micromedex® Pharmaceutical Knowledge is a unique, role-based solution providing trusted evidence and global guidance, coupled with advanced searching, drug results comparison, and aggregation with other information resources.

A Single, Consolidated Search Across the Leading Drug References

The most comprehensive drug resource with fully referenced, unbiased content covering global trade names, dosage, pharmacokinetics, cautions, interactions, comparative efficacy, labeled and off-label indications, and clinical applications. DRUGDEX spans global FDA- and EMA-approved, as well as nonprescription preparations, and includes drug summary information presented in a bulleted, easy-to-read format. More detail

Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference
From the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. Provides concise, unbiased information on drugs in clinical use, investigational and herbal drugs, diagnostic agents, pesticides, coloring agents, preservatives, and noxious substances. More detail

Index Nominum
Edited by the Swiss Pharmaceutical Society. Features synonyms, chemical structures, manufacturer information, and therapeutic classes for more than 5,300 international drugs, drug derivatives, and approximately 42,000 international trademarks. More detail

Additional Content Available

RED BOOK Online®
Current, comprehensive, and accurate drug pricing information is difficult to find. Whether conducting a pricing analysis, substituting a more cost-effective drug, or managing a claims adjudication, RED BOOK Online reduces the need to conduct redundant searches and simplifies identification, analysis, and comparison of drug and nondrug products. RED BOOK Online includes easy search functionality, daily content updates, and customized results. Quickly search by product name, active ingredient, NDC/HRI/UPC, or manufacturer name. More detail

Complete Drug Interactions
Access information on drug interactions on a single screen by selecting multiple drugs, ingredients and allergies. Color-coded results identify potential drug-drug, drug-food, drug-disease, drug-ethanol, and drug-laboratory adverse reactions as well as allergies. Now includes important drug-herbal interactions and pregnancy and breast-feeding warnings. More detail

Provides critical information for the treatment of overdoses and exposure to thousands of drugs, chemicals, and biological substances. It is based on the world's most comprehensive database of consumer, industrial, and pharmaceutical product ingredients. More detail

Reproductive Effects
The most comprehensive compilation of reproductive risk information databases available. Evaluates the reproductive risks of drugs, chemicals, and physical and environmental agents on males, females, and unborn children.

Global Drug Information

The eMC’s Summary of Product Characteristics
Provides information about medicines licensed for use in the UK, side-by-side with the comprehensive evidence of Micromedex. Search on a generic or trade name to view UK approved dose, use, possible side-effects, MHRA-approved indications, and more. More detail

The Italian Drug File
Delivers MINSAN codes and AIFA prescribing criteria, in the familiar, consistent Micromedex format. Search on generic or trade name to find AIFA-approved indications and limitations; form, strength, route of administration and packaging; reimbursement class; price, prescribing criteria and authorized prescriber; off-patent drugs; and ATC codes. More detail