Micromedex Solutions for Pharmaceutical Professionals

Micromedex® Pharmaceutical Knowledge provides a unique, role-based interface providing trusted evidence and global guidance with a pharmaceutical perspective. With the specific needs of pharmaceutical and associated industry users in mind, this new solution is enhanced for advanced searching, drug results comparison, and aggregation with other information resources.

To save you time and help achieve efficiencies, Micromedex Pharmaceutical Knowledge provides a single, consolidated search across the multiple resources of DRUGDEX®, Martindale and Index Nominum. Other databases including RED BOOK® Online pricing data, Reproductive Effects, and POISINDEX® toxicology information are also available with this new solution.

Trusted Evidence

Our commitment is to fill the gaps and rule out inconsistencies in the evidence, setting us apart from other resources. For you, that means confident, timely business recommendations and advice on safe clinical use based on accurate, evidence-based drug and therapeutic use data.

Global Guidance

Micromedex provides the latest global guidance and trade names for internationally marketed
drugs and newly approved alternatives, to help you differentiate and formulate successful strategies across all markets.

Pharmaceutical Perspective

Micromedex Pharmaceutical Knowledge provides advanced searching by drug class, indication or a combination of both, with the ability to narrow further by including or excluding specific adverse effects and drug-drug interactions. Drug results are delivered in an easy-to-review, customizable side-by-side format, and can be exported to Microsoft® Excel to facilitate aggregation within reports.

To help you achieve value, our role-based promotional support and user engagement programs will help you raise awareness and usage across your organization. Dedicated trainers provide industry-specific training globally, to ensure effective and proficient use, and 24/7 technical support guarantees reliable access.


  • A single, consolidated search across multiple resources: Martindale, DRUGDEX,
    Index Nominum
  • Save time and achieve efficiencies
  • Advise with confidence on the safe clinical use of your drugs
  • Promote drug safety and ensure compliance
  • Ensure accurate, consistent terminology
  • Gain competitive advantage with comparative data


  • Evidence-based data on globally marketed drugs
  • Enhanced searching by indication and drug class, with options to narrow further by adverse effect and drug-drug interactions
  • Side-by-side drug comparison
  • Export functionality for easier aggregation into reports
  • Unique view from the perspective of clinical care