Medication Instructions

Micromedex® Medication Instructions deliver a single source of evidence-based patient education materials. They provide customizable medication information, easily understood by any patient, including indications, contraindications, usage instructions, precautions, interactions, storage, disposal, and side effects for both prescription and nonprescription drugs.

Nurses, pharmacists, and physicians benefit from the ability to quickly share information directly in the workflow, throughout the continuum of care. Peer-reviewed, evidence-based materials on more than 2,200 drug topics help patients better understand their treatment and medications, including usage and adherence. 

Medication Instructions Provide Essential Information for the Patient

Summary medication instructions for patient use include medication names, usage precautions,  interactions, and more for both prescription and non-prescription drugs. More detailed drug information is also available in expanded content sets. Alternative medicine information can also be shared where it might be relevant.