CareNotes Patient Education

Engagement at Every Stage of Care

Patients who understand their conditions, medications and treatment are more likely to actively participate, and be more satisfied with their healthcare. Provide meaningful, actionable patient health education across the care continuum to engage your patients to become active participants in their healthcare. 

Micromedex Patient Education, featuring CareNotes, covers the continuum of care from  pre-care, inpatient, and discharge instructions to emergency department and ambulatory education, including topics ranging from disease and procedure to medication education, providing patient-specific education that supports regulatory objectives and improves outcomes.

CareNotes delivers a single source of evidence-based patient education materials. These robust documents and tools provide patient-specific information at every stage of care — pre-care, inpatient care, lab tests, continuing care, discharge instructions, drug information, and emergency department education.

From EHR certified technology to identifying patient specific education, to providing the ability for patients to view, download, and transmit their patient education online, CareNotes supports Meaningful Use attestation. Standard medication instructions for patient use include medication names, description, and possible side effects, as well as usage,  precautions, interactions, and more for both prescription and non-prescription drugs. This  information is designed to reduce adverse effect incidents and enable proper usage for better outcomes. More detailed drug information is also available in expanded content sets. 

Alternative medicine information can also be added for those facilities whose specialties of care might ndicate patients’ use and history of alternative medications.

In addition, video and animated sources of patient education, for convenient patient viewing on the web or on in-room monitors, are also part of the Micromedex Patient Education product. 

Nurses, pharmacists, and physicians will all benefit from being able to quickly find and share information directly in the workflow. Evidence-based materials on more than 2,200 drug topics and nearly 50 medical specialties will help patients learn critical self-care and medication adherence information, and clinical evidence on more than 480 lab tests will help patients understand their conditions and their treatment more clearly.