Micromedex Patient Connect Suite

Trusted Education and Engagement Resources for Your Patients and Consumers

The Best Education Delivers the Best Results

Research shows that effective education can lead to more engaged consumers, better patient outcomes, and improved self-care before and after treatment. Patients who understand their conditions, medications, and treatment are more likely to seek out care when needed, participate in it fully, and be more satisfied with their healthcare experience.

With the Micromedex® Patient Connect Suite, you can provide the most accurate and current health education and consumer engagement resources — integrated into the electronic health record (EHR) workflow, patient portals, and hospital website — to support every stage of care.

Consistent Patient Education and Consumer Health Engagement Tools for All Stages of Care

  • Inspires confidence with the industry’s most complete, highest-quality patient education
  • Improves patient interactions and satisfaction to increase HCAHPS scores
  • Supports Meaningful Use requirements and other regulatory mandates
  • Delivers patient-specific education directly within your EHR workflow
  • Enables clinicians to customize patient education to support organizational policies and procedures

The Patient Connect Suite includes: