Micromedex Toxicology Management

Instant Access to Critical Lifesaving Information to Assist in Toxic Exposure Management

Micromedex Toxicology Management is the largest and most complete resource for quickly identifying, managing, and treating toxicological exposures. It provides both summary and in-depth toxicology data on hundreds of thousands of commercial, pharmaceutical, and biological substances, including more than 1,000 detailed management/treatment protocols discussing clinical effects, treatment, range of toxicity, and more.

As the industry-leading toxicology solution, Micromedex Toxicology Information is used in 100 percent of U.S. Poison Control Centers across the county. No other toxicological information source provides support for uncommon situations or those with more complex indications.

Evidence-based toxicological content is delivered on a single screen to help quickly and consistently identify exposures and determine the best course of treatment, fast. Frequent updates ensure the most current data and treatment support, leading to a reduction in overall costs and more effective risk management.

Features Include:

  • Access to clinical effects and range-of-toxicity data
  • At-a-glance product and substance identification
  • Current treatment protocols for exposures
  • Searchable by both conventional and slang drug terms
  • Reliable, action-based recommendations based on severity of exposure
  • Used in 100% of U.S. Poison Control Centers for Toxicology content


 Micromedex Clinical Knowledge Brochure

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