NeoFax and Pediatrics

Meet the Constant Challenge of Medication Safety for Neonatal and Pediatric Patients with the Most Timely and Trusted Information Available

More than 500,000 premature babies were born in the U.S. in 2010 and approximately 15 million babies were born premature worldwide. Many of these babies require medical care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). It is estimated that 45% to 65% of medications are used off-label in the NICU setting, and neonates are at higher risk for preventable adverse drug events and medication errors.

Children are an especially vulnerable patient population, particularly with regard to medication safety. It is estimated that neonatal and pediatric patients are at least three times more vulnerable to harm due to adverse drug events and medication errors than the adult population.

NeoFax and Pediatrics

Micromedex® NeoFax® and Pediatrics is an Internet-based solution that provides evidence-based drug information, age and indication-specific drug-dosing calculators, and enteral formula nutritional information for the neonatal and pediatric populations. This solution helps to improve medication safety and efficacy in the care of these vulnerable patients.


  • Improve patient safety
  • Decrease adverse events
  • Enhance clinician knowledge of neonatal and pediatric drug information
  • Save clinician time in drug dose calculations


  • Population-specific drug dosing information
  • Neonatal and Pediatric referential drug monographs
  • Calculators for neonatal and pediatric drug dosing based on patient-specific information, including indication, weight, and age
  • Infant formula and human milk fortifier information and comparison tables for enteral nutrition
  • Evidence-based, population-specific drug information backed by the trusted clinical rigor of Micromedex

NeoFax has a 25-plus year reputation as the leading neonatal drug information resource, and the Pediatrics content provides robust, evidence-based, fully-referenced content, with the off-label focus necessary for these patient populations. It is backed by the comprehensive editorial content and clinical rigor of Micromedex, using evidence-based data developed after careful review of the neonatal and pediatric literature.

Drug Information

NeoFax and Pediatrics Drug Monographs are focused specifically on neonatal or pediatric drug therapy to maintain the clinician’s focus on only the most relevant population-specific content, providing evidence-based, off-label focused, referenced information specific to the neonatal or pediatric population. The two patient populations are available within the same interface, providing drug information for the most premature neonate through the pediatric age groups, up to 18 years of age.

Drug Dosing Calculators

NeoFax and Pediatrics includes drug dosing calculators for every drug in the system. These age- and indication-specific dosing calculators are pre-populated with evidence-based recommendations that address dose, concentration, and administration. This powerful clinical decision support functionality provides clinicians with the patient-specific dose quickly and accurately, and provides warning messages for out-of-range values. This functionality significantly decreases the risk for dosing errors in these vulnerable patients, and is important to ordering clinicians, nurses, and pharmacists.

Enteral Formula Information

The enteral formula database provides important nutritional information for infant formulas and human milk fortifiers, and allows for comparison of multiple products to facilitate selection of the most appropriate nutritional support product.



NeoFax and Pediatrics Brochure

 White Paper: Neonatal and Pediatric Patient Safety - Focus on Drug Therapy

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