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Reliable Information to Help you Identify Opportunities for Improvement

Truven Health Analytics has proven consulting resources and experience to help government agencies balance the cost and quality of healthcare within the constraints of the fiscal environment. Our experience with more than 25 states and multiple federal agencies enables us to provide unique insights for addressing specific program needs. Our benchmarks help agencies better identify opportunities for program redesign and improvement, while our proven clinical and analytic methods ensure the information is reliable.

Truven Health delivers a combination of flexible and powerful analytics with embedded methods that enable fast retrieval of data. Our consulting studies are independent of Medicaid Management Information System staff, ensuring rigorous and impartial review of program performance.


Our consulting services, coupled with Truven Health information solutions, help government agencies make sound decisions relative to the cost and quality of their healthcare programs. Our solutions deliver advanced analysis in the following six areas:

Cost Containment - improve not only the quality and accessibility of your healthcare services, but also their efficiency. In fact, Medicaid agencies that rely on our cost-containment analyses have saved hundreds of millions of dollars.

Budgeting - Our information solutions enable you to provide solid projections of fiscal and program impact to support your budget policy. Our staff can help develop customized cost driver analyses and "what if" scenarios, easily modeling the effects of pharmaceutical, health services, and eligibility policy changes.

Managing Population Health - Truven Health custom solutions help you tailor interventions to improve your beneficiaries' compliance and health outcomes. Our predictive modeling and episode-based clinical measures enable agencies to more accurately measure, predict, and manage risk. Comparative standards and best-in-class benchmarking help you identify and focus interventions to maximize your program results.

Plan and Provider Profiling - By monitoring practice patterns with risk- and severity-adjusted measures, we can help you improve your performance. Truven Health has proven we can facilitate successful partnerships to improve patient care that reduce overall costs.

Program Integrity - Truven Health delivers sophisticated program integrity and SUR solutions to help you identify areas of potential fraud, abuse, or overpayment.

Quality Improvement - Our process for HEDIS audits, encounter data validation, and integration of administrative data with survey and medical record data ensures that you can accurately assess quality and appropriateness of care for your beneficiary population.

While quality databases and software are critical, so is analytic expertise. Our professionals are the best in the industry; they are relentlessly committed to helping our customers achieve significant results. Their deep healthcare industry experience spans multiple disciplines including clinical practice, information sciences, and quantitative analysis. In fact, our customers consistently tell us that the quality of our people is their number one reason for selecting Truven Health.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Truven Health has an intimate and unmatched understanding of healthcare information. Our success in helping Medicaid agencies effectively manage their programs is in part attributable to our unique experience in all facets of healthcare. In addition to our work with more than 25 states, we have long-term relationships with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, AHRQ, CDC, SAMSHA, and other federal agencies.