CareNotes Patient Education

Help patients achieve better outcomes with easy-to-understand health education resources

Micromedex® Patient Education, featuring CareNotes®, delivers evidence-based patient education materials across the continuum of care—including pre-care, inpatient, discharge, emergency department, ambulatory and wellness education.

Research shows that effective education can lead to better patient outcomes and improved self-care before and after treatment. Patients who understand their conditions, medications and treatment are more likely to seek out care when needed, participate in it more fully and be more satisfied with their healthcare experience.

Patient Education offers:

  • Information for every stage of care and care setting: More than 8,500 titles to help your patients understand their conditions, treatment, medications and self-care, covering over 2,200 medication topics, nearly 50 medication specialties and 500 lab tests
  • Documents designed with the patient in mind: Easy-to-understand documents that adhere to current health literacy guidelines, written in plain language (5th to 7th grade reading level) and available in 15 languages
  • Formats to support different learning styles: Anatomical and action-oriented images to help patient comprehension

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