Micromedex Patient Connect Suite

Provide quality patient education to support patient engagement across the care continuum

Micromedex® Patient Connect offers comprehensive, evidence-based patient education and consumer engagement resources at the point of care to help patients achieve better health outcomes.

Research shows that effective education can lead to more engaged consumers, better patient outcomes and improved self-care—before and after treatment. Patients who understand their conditions, medications and treatment are more likely to seek out care when needed, participate in it more fully and be more satisfied with their healthcare experience.

The Patient Connect Suite includes: 

With Patient Connect, you can:

  • Help patients and consumers achieve better health outcomes
  • Help clinicians educate patients on managing conditions, understanding treatment and proper use of medications
  • Provide the resources clinicians need to help them improve patient interactions and satisfaction
  • Standardize patient education across your organization to support consistency

Why choose Patient Connect?

  • Materials are created and maintained by an in-house, experienced editorial team
  • Content is available online and integrated into your EHR workflow for point-of-care access
  • Helps support Meaningful Use requirements, improve patient satisfaction scores and meet regulatory and compliance guidelines

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