Micromedex Toxicology Management

Information to assist clinicians in toxic exposure management

Micromedex® Toxicology Management is a comprehensive resource of toxicology information for identifying, managing and treating toxicological exposures. Used in all US AAPCC-certified Poison Control Centers, and emergency departments nationwide, Toxicology Management delivers point-of-care resources on hundreds of thousands of commercial, pharmaceutical and biological substances, including more than 1,000 detailed management and treatment protocols.

    Toxicology Management offers:
  • Exposure identification and management: Summary and in-depth information, and exposure assessments to help clinicians identify and manage exposures
  • Product listings: Information on potential poison sources including products, drugs, chemicals and plants
  • Reproductive risks: Data to help clinicians understand the effects of drugs, industrial chemicals, and physical and environmental agents, plus a compilation of scientific reviews on teratogenic effects
  • TOMES industrial chemical database: Guidance for disposal management of chemicals and hazardous materials in the workplace, including solutions for onsite chemical spills, exposures and explosions

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