Micromedex Clinical Knowledge Suite

Help improve decision-making with evidence-based clinical decision support

Micromedex® Clinical Knowledge offers comprehensive, evidence-based clinical decision support and resources at the point of care to facilitate more informed decision-making in the areas of medication management, disease and condition management, toxicology management, and more.

When it matters most, you can’t afford information gaps and inconsistencies. That’s why Micromedex is used in over 4,500 hospitals worldwide to help clinicians make informed treatment decisions. With point-of-care access to evidence-based, relevant clinical decision support, clinicians have the information they need to help them reduce risk and optimize patient outcomes.

    With Clinical Knowledge, you can:
  • Help standardize patient care across your organization with evidence-based guidelines and protocols
  • Help clinicians avoid medication errors and adverse drug events
  • Help clinicians educate patient populations on managing conditions and proper use of medications
    Why choose Micromedex® Solutions?
  • Content is created and maintained by an in-house, experienced editorial team using an accredited process
  • Includes efficacy and evidence ratings for labeled indications and known off-label uses
  • Includes patient-specific considerations, such as neonate and pediatrics
  • Designed to be easy to use with an intuitive workflow and single platform
  • Contains in-depth information that clinicians may need for complex cases
  • Available online, integrated into your EHR workflow, or via your mobile device for point-of-care access

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