Life Sciences

PULSE Healthcare Survey

The PULSE Healthcare Survey is a multi-mode data collection tool from Truven Health Analytics available to be used by life sciences companies for consumer and patient research.

Delivering unique insights into consumer healthcare behavior, PULSE annually collects information via landline, cell phone, and Internet from 80,000 households using a random sample stratified by geography. It is the longest running survey of its kind in the U.S.

Healthcare questions are both behavioral and attitudinal in nature and are modeled to reflect the larger population and overall predictive behavior. Survey results can be used to predict demand for specific services, understand patient or consumer opinions on current health issues, or evaluate the health status of populations.

PULSE is conducted in 11 waves, February through December, with each wave running a full month, starting on the first day of the month. The average survey length is ten minutes. Life sciences companies can input question sets into one or more waves to gather data quickly and efficiently at the fraction of the cost of mounting a primary research study.