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Quick Estimates of Market Size with Inpatient View and Outpatient View

Quickly estimate the U.S. market for your product and cut your research time to minutes using Truven Health MarketScan® Online Research Tools - Inpatient View and Outpatient View. With these tools, you can estimate market demand for your product, uncover new opportunities, and understand payer and practice trends that may affect your product’s market performance.

Inpatient and Outpatient View provide top-line market sizing for drugs and devices used in inpatient and outpatient facilities in the United States. Reports summarize the volume of selected diagnosis or procedure codes conducted in U.S. facilities in each of the most recent three years, plus add a demographically based five-year forecast.

Shifts in sites of care are easy to identify as well as total facility market volumes of treatment that use your medical device, technology, or drug. Patient demographics, physician type, facility type, region, payer and amount paid are all reported. Outpatient View includes hospital outpatient facilities, emergency rooms, and physician offices.