Heartbeat Profiler

Truven Health Heartbeat Profiler, containing the largest global stakeholder data set available with over 2.5M Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and Market Access profiles from over 195 countries, helps you to efficiently find and manage key stakeholders.

Profiling data contained in the database provide essential information on professional backgrounds and scientific involvement with industry and other healthcare professionals to help you find the right stakeholders for your business need. Uncovering connections between professionals and gaining clinical and market access insights is simplified through interactive maps, logically-structured views, and advanced analytics allowing users to easily assess the value of each stakeholder based on user-specified criteria.  The Profiler platform also allows you to manage your stakeholder interactions through planning and tracking activities and this information is available for your corporate and field-based teams.

With worldwide coverage, Heartbeat Profiler is continuously growing and constantly updated allowing your global, regional, and local teams access to the best stakeholder information available to make important business decisions.

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