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Research Data and Analytic Tools

Since 1990 when the first Truven Health MarketScan® study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers have turned to Truven Health for Big Data. We are known for the quality of our research-ready data sets and for linking data at the patient level. Now, Truven Health researchers can tap into the power of the IBM® MarketScan® Explorys® Claims-EMR Data Set to conduct studies for life sciences companies that require deep clinical insights along with the longitudinal patient record of healthcare encounters and payment claims.

MarketScan Research Databases

With over 240 million de-identified patients, the Truven Health MarketScan Research Databases were big data long before the era of Big Data. They provide researchers with a patient-centric perspective reflecting real-world treatment patterns and the full cost of care. Full integration, longitudinal strength, deep cross-sectional detail, and the excellent documentation of the MarketScan claims databases ensure unparalleled research data quality. All data are fully HIPAA compliant.

IBM MarketScan Explorys Claims-EMR Data Set

This research-ready data set links the longitudinal treatment and economic claims records of patients from the MarketScan Commercial and Medicare Supplemental Databases to the same patient’s clinical records from the Explorys electronic medical records data set. The combined data set provides clinical, claims and financial data to support health economics and outcomes research, market research, and epidemiology analyses. To learn more about how the Claims-EMR Data Set can support the broad range of your life sciences insight discovery needs, click here.

Powerful MarketScan Analytic Tools

The rapid need for answers from Big Data is met by several MarketScan online research tools – Treatment Pathways, Inpatient View, Outpatient View, and Sample Select – allowing researchers to capture insights quickly from over 20 billion healthcare records.

IBM Explorys Data

When analysis requires deep clinical insights from medical record systems across multiple care venues, the IBM Explorys dataset provides rich clinical data on more than 50 million unique patients, many with linked claims and billing data. Allowing healthcare researchers a comprehensive picture of the patient experience, data are sourced from integrated delivery networks (IDNs), clinically integrated networks (CINs) and accountable care organizations (ACOs). For more information about this dataset, click here.

Heartbeat Profiler

Evaluating Key Opinion Leaders or Market Access decision-makers and uncovering their professional networks is accurate and easy with the right tools. Heartbeat Profiler contains the largest global stakeholder data set available with over 2.5M Key Opinion Leader and Market Access profiles from over 195 countries.

PULSE Survey

PULSETM, the largest continuously running multi-mode healthcare survey of its kind in the U.S., reaches out to 80,000 healthcare consumers annually. The survey platform provides an excellent forum for data collection on patient attitudes, opinions, behaviors, and beliefs. ‘Hop on’ an interview wave to add your questions – at a fraction of the cost of mounting a full survey.