Identifying Key Opinion Leaders

Are you working with the right thought leaders? The right speakers? The right patient advocacy groups?

Do you know who to work with in a new geography or therapeutic area? Who is developing key clinical guidelines? Who are rising stars in the market to engage with? Who is well published? Who is working with your competition?

Our Stakeholder Management Services conduct the analytic research you need to work with the right Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Market Access Decision-Makers, their networks, and distribution channels. We conduct primary and secondary research to identify stakeholders and provide comprehensive profiles of key characteristics important for decision-making. We map their networks and help you rank stakeholders to match your business need so you are sure you are working with the right individuals and organizations. We also help you engage with them to understand their issues and potential value to your business.  We do this both through primary research interviews and our virtual advisory board platform, Heartbeat Advisor.  Stakeholder profiles are sorted, available for ready access in our Heartbeat Profiler database, which is mobile friendly. You can access detailed information about important market thought leaders anywhere you have mobile connectivity – and we cover any country in the world.