Outcomes Research

We have been conducting outcomes and economic research for decades across multiple disease areas, including oncology, autoimmune, infectious, and rare diseases and provide a full spectrum of health economics and outcomes research studies to help you analyze drug performance in real world clinical practice.

Truven researchers and the MarketScan® Research Databases are synonymous with the highest quality in healthcare analytics in the U.S. and abroad. While, we keenly understand the complexity of using U.S. administrative data for research because we build and link these data sets, we have access to and experience with international data sets and are a market leader in using linked claims and electronic medical records (EMR) data for research. With a deep understanding of underlying diseases, we know how to evaluate treatments using a variety of data sources and have conducted several very interesting projects linking the MarketScan Databases to integrated formulary databases, client patient data, and registries.

Typical projects:

  • Burden of illness
  • Natural history of disease
  • Treatment patterns
  • Direct and indirect costs analysis
  • Impact of pharmacy benefit tiers on medication use

We are pleased to announce that Truven Health researchers can now tap into the power of IBM® Explorys® data to conduct studies for life sciences companies that require deep clinical insights. Of particular interest to medical technology companies, Explorys data can identify medical devices by brand name. For more information about using these data for studies, click here.