Economic Models

We go far beyond just building economic models. We help you to use economic models strategically to communicate answers to value-based questions being asked by healthcare payers, providers, and national authorities. When we build a model, we start with the end in mind.

Our economic models help you demonstrate the complexity of health, clinical, and economic outcomes in a stakeholder’s population with various policy and pricing scenarios. You may choose to:

  • Create early pipeline models for internal decision-making as part of a market landscape review (after a literature review of existing models);
  • Piggyback a model with a clinical trial;
  • Incorporate models into global and affiliate value dossiers;
  • Use our virtual advisory board platform (Heartbeat Advisor) to align your model with payer expectations.

We can develop new models or adapt existing models for multiple payer perspectives, both within the U.S. and in international markets. Whether cost-effectiveness models for Europe or budget impact models for the U.S., model adaptations for local affiliates or updates to older models, we are expert advisers and experienced model developers with in-country consultants who know your market.