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Market Sizing & Segmentation

When your medical device or drug is destined for the U.S. market, you need to know early in development that your investment will pay off.

We offer both online tools for top-line market sizing exercises and customized studies using MarketScan claims and hospital data to size and segment the market by meaningful characteristics for your specific drug or device. The specificity of segmentation afforded by large data sets can help you answer questions such as:

  • Do therapy patterns offer insights into new indications or modes of administration?
  • Do laboratory outcomes or other characteristics indicate an undersized market or untapped opportunity?
  • Does competitive market share indicate an opportunity?

For many projects we work iteratively with you using MarketScan Treatment Pathways to define the right market segment for your product or look at treatment patterns. Treatment Pathways is a powerful analytic engine that sits on top of billions of de-identified patient records, with speed and a visualization tool so that you immediately see how patients progress through their treatments. This is not the only way we can work with you, however clients value the real-time exploration of their markets made possible through the use of Treatment Pathways.

Customized Analyses Using Real-World Data

  • Competitive Market Share
  • Market Size
  • Patient Segmentation
  • Inpatient Drug Treatment Patterns
  • Switching Patterns
  • Combination Therapy