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Live webinar

Join us for this complimentary webinar on November 13, 2017, at 12:00pm ET on "Where Pharmacy Fits in Your Population Health Strategy" with Tina Moen, PharmD, Deputy Chief Health Officer at IBM Watson Health.

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Tina will share insights with attendees on:

  • The benefits of including pharmacy in your population health management strategy
  • How collaborative medication management can positively affect outcomes
  • How cognitive computing is positioned to support pharmacists and patients with issues like medication adherence

Micromedex® recorded webinars

Canadian users

  • Micromedex solutions now include Health Canada labeling, Canadian guidelines and other localized content.
  • Sessions are available in English and French
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Latin America users

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  • New regulatory authority enhancements to Micromedex solutions.
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Latin American Clinical Webinar Series

Truven Health hosted free webinars on key topics that pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in Latin America identified as areas of interest for further training to help support their daily roles and help improve outcomes. The recordings are available to view below.

Why attend?

  • Focused on key topics to support your role
  • Tailored for Latin America
  • Hosted by clinical and editorial experts
  • Available with Portuguese and Spanish subtitles
  • Only 30 minutes out of your day
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Featured Webinars

The Significance of Drug Interactions in Latin America: What's the Real Impact?

  • Presenter: Arti Bhavsar

Description: Understanding the clinical and financial burden of preventable, drug-interaction adverse events in Latin America will enable practitioners to gain a greater awareness of the value they can provide to improve patient safety. Join our clinical expert to take a closer look at drug interactions and their effects, to build a clearer picture of the real impact.

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Intervening More Effectively in Drug Interactions: How to Best use the Evidence for Patient Safety

  • Presenter: Arti Bhavsar

Description: A crucial part of a pharmacist’s role is checking for drug interactions when assessing a patient’s medications, but how can you best use that information to optimize treatment? In this session you'll learn how to most effectively care for the patient when the evidence indicates potential interactions.

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Can You Trust the Evidence? Key Tips to Evaluating Clinical Studies

  • Presenter: Kris Minne

Description: With tens of thousands of clinical journal articles published each week, it’s essential to understand which are valid and which are flawed when making treatment decisions. Join this webinar to understand the key areas of focus to determine whether a study is methodologically sound, to help you make clinical decisions with confidence.

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