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Data Warehouse

Turn Disconnected Data Into Actionable Information — and a Single Source of Truth

Truven Health Analytics offers an advanced, highly secure Data Warehouse Solution designed to bring together disconnected data from across healthcare-related systems, as well as other state agencies (e.g., foster care, substance abuse, welfare, food stamps) that share a common interest in datasets of patients and processes.

Once combined and normalized, those datasets can then be assessed to understand the holistic impact the state is having on its population and the effects of each program.

The Truven Health Data Warehouse Solution provides:
  • A powerful data platform to maximize resource use, reduce errors and fraud/abuse, and discover costly redundancies
  • Seamless integration of data and enterprise‐wide visibility to operational data
  • A scalable, flexible, and extendable system that serves expanded analytics and reporting
  • Industry-leading business intelligence
  • Clinically based analytics including episodes of care, clinical data, severity adjustment methodologies, predictive modeling, and practice guidelines
  • Near-real-time data update capabilities

The Truven Health Data Warehouse Solution uses commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products. Our skilled staff provides all of the technical and database management functions needed to ensure that users receive timely access to their data.

Most importantly, we customize each solution to meet your specific business requirements - and our process ensures that clients can have absolute faith in the data they use.