MarketDiscovery Marketing:
Intelligent and Effective Patient Engagement

A Healthcare CRM Solution That Helps You
Engage the Right Patient Population, Every Time

Healthcare marketing and patient engagement, like all of healthcare, are evolving. And there is no partner better-positioned than Truven Health Analytics™ to help hospitals and health systems engage local healthcare consumers — especially during the transition from the fee-for-service financial model to a new, high-risk world of value-based care.

Our customer relationship management (CRM) solution, MarketDiscovery® Marketing, is backed by 30+ years of healthcare data and analytics experience, and offers a comprehensive approach to healthcare marketing and patient outreach, including:

  • A proven and advanced healthcare-specific segmentation system
  • A robust and reliable source of prospect data
  • Flexible and seamless patient/prospect data integration
  • Industry-leading healthcare research and analytics
  • Meaningful consumer insights, analysis, and reporting
  • Experienced professionals to help you apply insights and choose the hospital marketing programs that will have the highest impact on patient engagement and revenue

Consumer Engagement Made Easy

MarketDiscovery Marketing, often used in collaboration with our Consulting and Services, helps you segment, target, engage, and track prospects and patients throughout the continuum of care and critical life stages.

Our solution supplements your patient and prospect profiles with insights into their demographics, clinical needs, healthcare attitudes, and behaviors. It also gives you the ability to:

  • Better manage marketing costs to improve ROI
  • Attract service-line revenue by targeting and directing profitable customers to the right service line and site of care
  • Track and measure downstream activity to demonstrate ROI
  • Analyze results quickly for continuous campaign measurement and improvement
  • Access award-winning creative and fulfillment services, if needed

The end result of this caliber of healthcare CRM is what every hospital marketer wants and needs: Long-term patient loyalty that money simply can’t buy.

Are You Ready to Take Patient Engagement to the Next Level?

Download our MarketDiscovery Marketing brochure today to learn more about how our healthcare CRM solution can help your organization meet its strategic and financial goals.

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