HIE Advantage Analytics for States and Communities

As public health information networks and exchanges take shape and mature over the next several years, government and community stakeholders are gaining unprecedented access to the rich, growing repository of longitudinal patient data.

Use of that data can give health information exchanges (HIEs) much greater insight into specific population health issues and help identify areas where care quality and delivery can be improved. And those insights can lead to better population health and enriched quality of life.

But as many HIE leaders are discovering, such large amounts of comprehensive data are only actionable when quickly and easily stored, managed, accessed, and understood.

HIE Advantage Analytics seamlessly brings together two vital needs in the fast-changing world of healthcare reform and innovation: access to near real-time clinical data that can improve community health, and detailed exchange utilization data that can help grow and justify continued local and state HIE funding.

One Powerful Platform for a Multitude of Opportunities

The HIE Advantage Analytics product is a valuable addition to any existing public health exchange network — providing a robust, central system for storing and analyzing up-to-date, complete patient medical histories.

First, the product serves as a comprehensive longitudinal data warehouse, including clinical and operational information.

Then, the product automatically applies clinical methodologies at a patient- and/or group level to identify specific chronic diseases and overall health status in the population and sub-populations, calculate clinical metrics, evaluate process of care, pinpoint areas of clinical concern, highlight opportunities to advance quality of care, and help you act on findings swiftly and with certainty.

The platform also allows you to quantify clinical information exchange traffic (both query-based as well as direct messaging) over the network — easily demonstrating increased use of the system to government and public funding entities.