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Clinical Quality Improvement

Harnessing Intelligent Analytics to Measure Performance, Manage Risk and Track Improvement

Identify improvement opportunities through retrospective analysis and implement them quickly with real-time data surveillance.  Benchmark against key hospital performance indicators and create evidence-based practice strategies around targeted clinical profiling.  Continue to monitor performance and adjust execution to enable improvements in patient outcomes across the care continuum.

Clinical Benchmarking to Optimize Patient Outcomes

  • Detect unseen inefficiencies, and set and prioritize improvement goals based on relevant, dependable clinical data
  • Benchmark internally ans against external best practices to pinpoint drivers of variation in cost and quality
  • Establish trends across practice patterns by physician, department, condition, and more
  • Identify opportunities to eliminate inefficiencies within the process of care
  • Engage stakeholders, manage change, and strengthen leadership through data-driven goal setting
  • Implement strategies to optimize clinical quality and improve patient outcomes

Real-Time Clinical Data Surveillance for Faster Patient Interventions

  • Proactively monitor and conduct real-time clinical data surveillance to quickly identify at-risk patients and intervention opportunities
  • Identify and manage patient risk faster using real-time data surveillance, including:
    • Infection prevention
    • Antimicrobial stewardship
    • Pharmacy Intervention and medication management
  • Reduce adverse events and improve clinical outcomes with proven, trusted evidence at the point of care
  • Save time and reduce errors through clinician rounding and patient hand-off efficiencies
  • Optimize care coordination inside and outside you four walls to improve clinical outcomes and control costs

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