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Care Delivery Enhancement
for Patient Safety

Equipping the Clinical Team to Reduce Errors with the World's Best Evidence

Trusted Clinical Evidence to Support Confident Clinical Decisions

Make treatment decisions with confidence at the point of care with a single solution for evidence-based medication management, toxicology, disease and condition management, and patient education.

  • Reduce medication errors with direct access to context-appropriate clinical evidence
  • Save time searching: summary-level and in-depth content is linked, clinically consistent, and accessible from a single screen
  • Identify the strength of key factors to make critical decisions fast with the at-a-glance Micromedex rating system for strength of evidence, efficacy, and strength of recommendation
  • Manage drug shortages with comparative efficacy data, including detailed evidence-based review of alternative agents based upon indication
  • Improve patient engagement with comprehensive, consistent patient education and consumer health resources in 15 languages for every stage of care

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