Market Expert

In the consumer-driven healthcare market, you need current, reliable, and meaningful information about your members — knowledge that allows you to identify members who can benefit from health and wellness programs, to engage those members in creative and effective ways, and ultimately to drive behavior changes that result in healthier members and lower costs. To gain insight about your diverse member populations, you need to process complex data with limited time and resources.


Market Expert combines your member data with proprietary information from MarketScan®— the nation’s most published healthcare database — and PULSE™ — the nation’s largest healthcare behavior survey, integrated with the Claritas PRIZM® Lifestyle Segmentation System.

Market Expert:

  • Offers ongoing analysis at an affordable cost and with minimal IT involvement.
  • Provides the ability to leverage Truven Health expertise in healthcare analytics and includes consulting services from a team with extensive healthcare expertise.
  • Allows product and clinical program management professionals to better identify members for intervention and behavior modification before care and claims.
  • Offers a deep look into the health behaviors of specific populations to provide custom, comprehensive insights for benefit services and programs.
  • Enables you to design and conduct your own product research, identify new product opportunities, assess relative market potential between competing ideas, and refine product design and marketing approaches.
  • Supports product development through the entire lifecycle, without the incremental expenses and inconsistency of multiple custom market research projects.

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