Your Healthcare Focus

Analytics and Policy Consulting

Unique Insights for Your Program Needs

Our healthcare consulting services help Government agencies make sound decisions relative to the cost and quality of their healthcare programs. Our solutions deliver advanced analytics in the areas of:

Cost Containment - Improve the quality, accessibility and efficiency of your healthcare services.

Budgeting - Provide solid projections of fiscal and program impact to support your budget policy. We can also help you estimate the impact of the newly eligible Medicaid population.

Managing Population Health - Tailor interventions to improve your beneficiaries' compliance and health outcomes.

Plan and Provider Profiling - Improve your performance by monitoring practice patterns with risk- and severity-adjusted measures.

Program Integrity - Identify areas of potential fraud, abuse, or overpayment — including the first claims editing system to offer both payment policy edits and medical management edits in a single application.

Quality Improvement - Accurately assess quality and appropriateness of care for your beneficiary population without process for HEDIS audits, encounter data validation, and integration of administrative data with survey and medical record data.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Truven Health has an intimate understanding of healthcare information. In addition to our work with more than 25 states, we have long-term relationships with the CMS, AHRQ, CDC, SAMSHA, and other healthcare related agencies.