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Oncology Data Mosaic

Providing state-of-the- art, trusted and proven research methodologies and analytics has been our business for over 30 years. To help answer your oncology research questions, many sources of data are needed - claims, clinical, registry, inpatient- most of which, are fragmented. At Truven Health, our focus is on building a data mosaic that allows for effective interpretation of results.

The cornerstone of this mosaic are the MarketScan® Research Databases which contain de-identified healthcare claims data reflecting the real-world medical care of over 170 million unique patients across the U.S. since 1995 and is the largest healthcare database in the industry. For decades, researchers from government, industry, and academia have relied on these databases for information to analyze the cost of care, evaluate the efficacy of medical treatments, understand prescription drug utilization patterns, and research other important healthcare issues.

To compliment and enhance MarketScan with deeper clinical data, we are undertaking the following data initiatives specific to oncology:

Oncology Data Initiatives

Multistate Oncology Research Collaboration (MORC)

  • The mission of this pharmaceutical-state collaboration is to create a unique, sustainable database by expanding the use of state-level oncology data into a multi-state data infrastructure.
  • At the state level, cancer registry data are linked to state level commercial insurance claims, Medicaid and/or Medicare data
  • Individual state-level linked data bases will be combined into a virtual multi-state database available for HIPAA-compliant research
  • The development of this unique data source will lead to path breaking oncology outcomes research by participating states and their associated academic researchers, participating pharmaceutical companies, and Truven Health

Oncology EMR Initiative

  • Working with several Oncology-specific EMR vendors, we are bringing EMR data in house to standardize data structures across EMR systems and facilitate study feasibility questions
  • Research may draw upon stand-alone EMR data or use EMR data linked to MarketScan for greater capture of all outpatient care and prescription drug utilization

Cancer Code Libraries

  • Working with internal and external experts in cancer research, we are developing code lists for accurately capturing cancer related surgeries, radiation treatments, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and biologic use.
  • Codes lists are currently available Breast, Prostate, Colorectal, CML, Renal, Melanoma, Multiple Myeloma
Oncology Research Passion

Our team of talented, dedicated and passionate oncology researchers are experts at providing strategic, objective consultation and advisement while transforming data and the resulting analysis into a cohesive and compelling value story. With over 100 oncology publications to their credit, our team of highly regarded professionals will use big data and tools to assist you in understanding treatment outcomes and characteristics of patients at each point of therapy while mapping patient flow over time.

As a company, we stand at the crossroads of payer, provider, government, and biopharmaceutical stakeholders who are our customers. This means that our valuable researchers not only provide you with the context for the actual research in and of itself, but can also suggest insights into the US payer and provider marketplace and how to position your drug’s value in its best light.

Cancer Policy Issues

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