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Advantage Suite - Government

State Medicaid and Federal agencies that can quickly access and analyze their program’s healthcare data are better positioned to provide high quality care to beneficiaries while insuring Program Integrity. 

Advantage Suite® is a certified Surveillance and Utilization Review solution (SURS) that meets federal requirements for program integrity reporting.  It has achieved Federal certification under the new MECT criteria as well as the pre-MITA protocols.  It also supports the needs of healthcare quality improvement (QI) specialists, and Medicaid Fraud Control Units (MFCU) personnel.

Advantage Suite is an all-inclusive system that enables healthcare analysts and researchers, independent of any assistance from others, with:

  • Web-enabled, drop and drag, single graphical user interface
  • Supports executive level dashboards, management level, and detailed ad hoc reporting
  • Dynamic peer group comparison reports, with built in case-mix adjustment
  • Statistical weighting/ ranking functions for exception reporting
  • Standard reporting templates - easily modifiable (e.g., SURS, MARS)
  • 1000’s of pre-built healthcare rates, ratios and measures - easily modifiable
  • Infused healthcare analytics
    • Clinical Conditions
    • Medical Episode Grouper
    • Disease Category
    • Disease Staging
    • Admissions Build
    • Resource Consumption Predictive Risk Models
    • A Variety of Groupers (e.g., DRG, Drug Therapeutic Class, MDCs)
Embedded healthcare content ( “smarts”) provide exceptional “time to answer”  performance to maximize productivity and facilitate rapid information dissemination.

Advantage Suite 5.0 supports Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle Linux 5.5 and Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

Advantage Suite integrates data from disparate sources, organizes and analyzes it, and gives you easy access to the right information. Our deep analytics expertise and consulting services completes the package to bring you meaningful insights for positive change.

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