Workforce Wellness Index

Medicaid agencies that can quickly access and analyze their program’s healthcare data are better positioned to address challenges and provide high quality care to beneficiaries.

Current Findings

October 2011 Index: Between 2005 and 2010, the U.S. Workforce Wellness Index worsened, declining from 85.8 to 84.7. The MarketScan Workforce Wellness Index followed a similar trend, decreasing slightly from 85.2 to 84.7. An index of 100 represents the ideal state where there are no individuals at high risk for the risk factors listed above in the employed population and, therefore, no excess healthcare costs due to these risks. Figure 1 displays the index values for 2005-2010. The MarketScan sample value for 2010 is a preliminary estimate, and will be finalized on the next release of the Workforce Wellness Index in 2012.