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Advantage Suite - Employer

Advantage Suite® integrates information from diverse sources and systems, organizes it to support decision making, and enables easy access to information in a flexible, customized application. Its powerful applications are linked to an integrated warehouse of medical and prescription claims, encounters, eligibility, lab results, authorizations, health risks assessments, and performance measures.

Web-enabled Advantage Suite packages and organizes critical healthcare quality and cost information into views that compel effective decision-making. The solution provides a comprehensive measures catalog, and produces flexible and fast reports to maximize productivity and facilitate rapid information distribution.

Advantage Suite allows employers to perform in-depth analyses to answer the following questions:

What are my most costly trends?

    How can I manage my health plan vendors to achieve the best program results for my employees?

    Does the employee out-of-pocket cost of my program affect the overall health of my employees?

    How can I identify the most appropriate health prevention and promotion initiatives for my employees?

Advantage Suite Delivers:
  • Accurate financial reporting and management that results in cost trends consistently below the national average
  • Customized benefit design results in benefit plans designed to match employers’ health strategy and employee needs
  • Effective program management that results in the most appropriate programs to minimize costs and improve the health of the population
  • Quantify cost of lost productivity and establish programs to improve health and attain peak performance
  • Effective vendor management that provides the ability to identify best performing vendors and strengthen position during premium negotiations

Advantage Suite 5.0 supports Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle Linux 5.5 and Oracle Exadata Database Machine.