March 2015 | Vol. 4, Issue 2

In this issue:

      Clinical Matters    Top U.S. Hospitals Achieve Lower Mortality Rates, Fewer Complications, Shorter Patient Stays, and Reduced Readmission Rates
  What's New   MEDITECH Expands Collaboration with Micromedex Solutions to Offer Consumer Health Education and Engagement Resources
  Tip & Tricks   Streamline Your Formulary Management and Impact Cost Savings
  Product Updates   Now live. New Micromedex CareNotes Time-Saving Enhancements and More Medication Instructions in Multiple Languages
  In the Spotlight   Health System Reduces 30-Day Readmissions by 50 Percent With Innovative Benchmarking and Real-Time Solutions
  Clinical Content Updates   Selected New Drug Approvals, New FDA-approved Indications, New Off-Label Indications and More 
  Events   Check Out Where We Will Be in April and May!




Clinical Matters

Top U.S. Hospitals Achieve Lower Mortality Rates, Fewer Complications, Shorter Patient Stays, and Reduced Readmission Rates

Congratulations to this year's 100 Top Hospitals by Truven Health Analytics. The annual study identifies the 100 top U.S. hospitals based on overall organizational performance. See who made the list!

Based on the results of this year's study, if all Medicare inpatients received the same level of care as those treated in the award-winning facilities:

  • Nearly 126,500 additional lives could be saved
  • $1.8 billion in inpatient costs could be saved
  • Nearly 109,000 additional patients could be complication-free
  • The average patient stay would decrease by half a day
  • Episode of illness expense would be 2 percent lower than the peer average

Start your journey to excellence with unparalleled 100 Top Hospitals research. Call 800-525-9083 option 4 today to order your customized report.

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What's New

MEDITECH Expands Collaboration with Micromedex Solutions to Offer Consumer Health Education and Engagement Resources

Truven Health Analytics recently announced that MEDITECH will provide integrated access to Micromedex Patient Education and Consumer Health Resources through its EHR to promote patient engagement. Read more.

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Tips & Tricks


Streamline Your Formulary Management and Impact Cost Savings

Is your facility referencing standardized formulary information, when and where it's needed, to ensure greater patient safety and cost control?

Micromedex Formulary provides immediate Internet access to formulary information throughout your entire facility to guide your prescribing clinicians toward formulary drugs - saving your pharmacists, nurses, and physicians time and your facility money.

With Micromedex Formulary, you can:

  • Maximize time with fast and easy formulary updates and distribution
  • Eliminate formulary books, saving costs
  • Communicate important Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee decisions
  • Standardize care by providing access to organizational medication use guidelines
  • Increase formulary compliance and reduce non-formulary medication orders
  • Deliver medications to patients faster
  • Meet the Joint Commission's formulary management and pharmacy information distribution standards

Best of all, Formulary incorporates your organization's formulary status directly into industry-leading, evidence-based Micromedex Drug Information, so you can be confident your clinicians are making decisions based on the most current and trusted information available.

Interested in learning more about how to streamline your formulary management and impact cost savings? Call 800-525-9083 option 4 to schedule a demo.

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Product Updates


Now Live. New Micromedex CareNotes Time-Saving Enhancements

The following time-saving enhancements are now live in Micromedex® CareNotes®:

  • Enhanced Navigation to streamline your workflow
  • New Preview Options to help you select the right patient education - faster
  • New Document Type and Language Filters to quickly package and print patient education handouts

View a summary of the enhancements.

Watch a video highlighting the enhancements.

For CareNotes Updates, visit micromedex.com/carenotes/updates or contact our Customer Resource Center at 800-525-9083 option 3.


More Micromedex CareNotes Medication Instructions in Multiple Languages


Research shows that patients who understand their conditions, medications and treatment are more likely to actively participate, and be more satisfied with their healthcare, resulting in better patient outcomes.

To reach every patient, it's important to provide education that meets the needs of every patient including reading level, learning style and language. CareNotes Medication Instructions for the top prescribed medications are already available in 15 languages. Now, an additional 130 medication instructions, previously available in English and Spanish, are available in all 15 languages, to ensure that patients receive the education they need in the language they best understand.

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In the Spotlight


Health System Reduces 30-Day Readmissions by 50 Percent With Innovative Benchmarking and Real-Time Solutions

Hospitals and health systems nationwide are struggling with readmissions and are being forced to change the way they do business. As a result of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Readmission Reduction Program, hospitals with higher readmission rates for specific conditions can incur significant financial penalties — up to 2 percent of their base Medicare reimbursements. In the second year of the program alone, 2,225 hospitals were penalized for approximately $227 million.

Recognizing an opportunity from both financial and quality-of-care perspectives, leaders at KishHealth devised a plan to reduce their 30-day readmissions — one that included steps to reach scalable improvement in the care process, as well as provide point-of-care interventions. To get started, KishHealth needed to identify and prioritize areas of improvement in its health system, while analyzing data related to the specific causes of readmissions for its patient population. Next, they needed to find an efficient way of identifying patients at risk for readmission — while those patients were still in the hospital. This would ensure early and timely intervention prior to discharge — before risk increased, outcomes were affected, or costs were incurred.

KishHealth leveraged Truven Health CareDiscovery,® a quality reporting and benchmarking solution that provides multiple stakeholders with the right information and perspective to target specific areas of improvement, like readmissions. With access to outcomes and process-of-care information on the same platform, KishHealth began to identify critical patient outcomes and the process of care or root cause driving them. They could then prioritize quality improvement opportunities with specific influence on readmissions.

By using the expected, risk-adjusted methodologies from CareDiscovery (the only comprehensive, 30-day readmissions model that aligns with CMS hospital-wide readmission methodologies), KishHealth can now assess clinical performance, track progress, and monitor financial and performance impacts on its readmission reduction program.

Next, KishHealth created evidence-based profiles in Micromedex® 360 Care Insights, a real-time, enterprise-wide clinical surveillance solution, to identify patients at risk for readmission, specifically those with acute myocardial infarction (AMI), heart failure (HF), and pneumonia (PN).

Accessing both structured and unstructured data from multiple hospital information systems, 360 Care Insights alerts clinicians and caregivers (via email and/or text message) when individual patients match the parameters outlined in the risk profiles. With automated, time-sensitive warnings at their fingertips, nurses are now able intervene in real time and adjust treatment of care at the bedside.

In addition to receiving real-time alerts, KishHealth also uses 360 Care Insights to generate a daily list of patients who are readmitted with the same diagnoses as their last stay. This allows surveillance nurses to review the previous discharge summary, identify trends, and adjust the risk profiles, if necessary, to improve outcomes and prevent future readmissions.

To date, KishHealth reports up to 50 percent reduced readmissions rates and savings of up to $24 per discharge, or $127 per bed, in preventable readmissions with the use of risk-adjusted readmissions benchmarks, real-time surveillance, and point-of-care patient interventions. KishHealth also saves an estimated 30 minutes per day per surveillance nurse as a result of automatic alerts.

Learn how Truven Health can help your hospital reduce readmissions. Visit truvenhealth.com/reducereadmissions.com

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Clinical Content Updates


Click here for selected new drug approvals, new FDA-approved indications, new off-label indications and more.

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