Program Evaluation

Constant Refinement is the Key to Any Successful Program

The ability to assess program performance and return on investment gives you a competitive edge by helping you achieve your healthcare objectives and refine programs for better efficiency.

Truven Health Program Evaluation Reporting provides a comprehensive set of analytic reports to measure consumer engagement, including information about healthcare cost, utilization, preferences, risk, and communications.

The process begins with a baseline assessment, taken before the implementation of any of our Consumer Advantage solutions. As the solution is rolled out, the baseline metrics are continually monitored to see how behavior is affected. For example:

  • What percentage of individuals received preventive care after receiving tailored health communications at key points in the year?
  • What percentage of individuals received recommended care for their chronic conditions after viewing the alerts and related health education information?
  • What percentage of individuals moved to a lower-cost plan during open enrollment?
  • What percentage of individuals opened a new health savings account?