Expedite Concurrent Abstraction

Connect Real-time Patient Data to Your Core Measures to Improve Outcomes and Efficiency

What can you achieve with Expedite for Concurrent Abstraction?

This new, optional module streamlines the abstraction process currently offered in the Concurrent Abstraction module of CareDiscovery™ Quality Measures by connecting to your hospital information system (HIS). Expedite enables abstractors to quickly identify potential core measures cases and easily abstract them while the patients are still in the hospital. This gives you more time to manage cases while patients are still in-house and care is still actively being delivered.

Make better use of your data with a direct connection.

Powered by our Clinical Xpert™ technology, Expedite connects to your HIS using an HL7 data feed.

Expedite Concurrent Abstraction flowchart

With Expedite, you can:
  • Get real time patient information with a direct connection with your HIS
  • Streamline your concurrent abstraction process
  • Find and abstract concurrent core measure patients more efficiently
  • Review current administrative patient data prior to upload of final billed data
  • Improve outcomes by affecting treatment while the patient is still receiving care
  • Bring core measure abstraction and management of care into a single, simultaneous process