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We are committed to your success. As your partner, we'll leverage our experience across the healthcare industry to assist you with:

Care management and consumer engagement — Create programs and optimize their clinical and financial effectiveness using:

  • Consumer segmentation and marketing analytics
  • Identification and stratification
  • Program performance evaluation and cost benefit analysis
  • Medical home programs
  • Cost-quality transparency
  • Comparative effectiveness

Provider profiling and performance evaluation — Compare the efficiency and effectiveness of your providers, and design and evaluate programs that communicate and reward results by employing:

  • Hospital profiling
  • Physician performance assessment
  • Pay for performance

Cost trend analysis and management — Understand the key cost and trend drivers, identify the biggest and best opportunities, and measure the impact of strategies and programs through:

  • National and regional medical cost trend benchmarking
  • Retrospective and prospective analytics and forecasting
  • Clinical and financial impact of emerging technologies
  • Savings opportunity identification
  • Provider contract pricing analysis and benchmarking
  • Payment Integrity

Customized consulting services — Leverage our expertise through services that are customized to your needs and stretch across and beyond our core practice areas, including:

  • Data integration and management
  • Information and analytics needs assessment
  • Staff augmentation

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