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Truven Health Provider Consulting and Services experts work with healthcare providers like you to help achieve performance excellence today, while transforming to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We leverage unparalleled scientific innovation and a unique marketwide perspective to help you succeed.

Innovation and Growth

Innovation and Growth

Looking for the right opportunities?

Strategic Line of Business and Growth Optimization

Looking for the right opportunities?

We can help you find them as you navigate the fee-for-service and value-based care environments.
We assess the organization from top to bottom and provide you with solutions that keep you on course.
The insights that help identify and stratify a patient population, target risk, and allocate time can be
at your fingertips.

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Performance Improvement and Care Delivery Optimization

Performance Improvement and
Care Delivery Optimization

Performance falling behind? Are your
physicians on the same page? Readmissions
affecting reimbursements?

Hospital Performance Optimization

Performance falling behind?

We'll help you get ahead. We provide solutions to improve clinical and labor performance
and productivity — then we stay on board to help you implement them.

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Physician Performance

Are your physicians on the same page?

We know how to engage them. We help you have the important conversations with your
physicians that directly involve them in the overall success of the organization. We work
side by side with your team to create a cohesive partnership between you and your physicians.

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Readmissions Reduction

Readmissions affecting reimbursements?

We can tell you why. We help you identify causes of avoidable readmissions, then provide
targeted recommendations that work. From admit to discharge, we give you a plan
that helps your patients get back to their lives — without coming back to see you.

Integrated Insights

Integrated Insights

Ready for the new rules? Missing the big picture?

Value-Based Care

Ready for the new rules?

We're ready. Our solutions help you manage every element of the changing regulatory
environment, including preparation for programs such as bundled payments, ACOs,
patient-centered medical homes, and narrow networks.

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Population Health Management

Missing the big picture?

We can show you your high-level view. We help you integrate, manage, and analyze
your clinical and administrative data. With a single, unified picture of your population,
and a Readiness Assessment to help you put it into action, you're ready to focus on
risk reduction efforts.

Deep Data and Analytics

Deep Data and Analytics

Just need the data?

Deep Data and Analytics

Just need the data?

We can give you that, too. When you have the in-house expertise and just need access
to supplemental data, we can help. We deliver value-added custom analytic extracts, reports,
and applications that give you access to the most robust data assets and methodologies in
the industry, while providing a customized approach to meeting your goals.

We're ready to help. Please call us at 1.800.525.9083, option 4 today.