Integrated Evidence-Based Resources for CDS and Patient Education

Available When, Where, and How It’s Needed

Micromedex® Solutions offer evidence-based clinical decision support (CDS) that clinicians, educators, and patients can count on when making tough decisions right at the point of care. We offer the industry standard for drug, lab, and condition content and patient education resources. These resources deliver patient-specific, context-aware, knowledge retrieval capabilities when and where clinicians need it most.

As a single source of information for patient-specific CDS, Micromedex seamlessly integrates with a variety of HIS and EHR systems across the organization and care continuum — connecting clinicians, consumers, and patients quickly to specific, clinically consistent information at any point in the care process.

Micromedex Integrated Evidence options result in improved clinical outcomes and increased patient satisfaction — and help meet compliance goals. By providing the information caregivers need in a format they want, at the point of care, integrated solutions help satisfy Meaningful Use objectives and create efficiencies for the clinical staff.