Micromedex CareFocus

Quickly Identify High-Risk Patients and Confidently Address the Threats Facing Them

Micromedex® CareFocus is a single-screen profiling engine that continuously applies clinical logic against real-time patient data to identify patients with core measure conditions, comorbidities, high-risk medication profiles, and other high-risk conditions — before their conditions become more serious.

Once identified, a list of those patients is generated and made available to clinicians in a single source, via the web or mobile device. Notification at the point of care provides clinicians with the information they need to take prompt action and respond more quickly to patient needs — improving outcomes, saving lives, and reducing costs.

CareFocus aggregates patient data from all the different modules that make up the hospital information system (HIS). 

Patient profiles can include:
  • Lab values
  • Medications
  • Patient demographic data
  • Free-text search of transcribed reports

CareFocus can also query on data elements from the Medication Administration Record (MAR), the working diagnosis, and active orders display.


How Micromedex CareFocus Works